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What is The T.I.D.O. Wave?

"Tagruato is destroying our oceans. We are The Wave, rising tall to crash over them and wash the filth away."
- Le Bandit Vert

The T.I.D.O. Wave is the latest initiative from Les Guerriers de Mère-Terre, a nonprofit, grassroots, environmental activist organization dedicated to saving our planet from the world's most nefarious corporations. The Wave is our most ambitious mission to date, taking on one of the most despicable foes Mother Earth has ever come up against -- Japan based Tagruato. By informing good people like you of the evil deeds being waged by this reprehensible conglomerate, we hope to gain your support in our efforts to take them down.

Tagruato is primarily concerned with "deep sea petroleum excavation," or as we call it, bleeding Mother Earth dry. In their heedless efforts to join the ranks of fellow Earth Blood vampires, Tagruato has treated our planet like its own personal cesspool. They have operated with utter disregard for our ocean's fragile ecosystems. They violate areas that have never before been molested by man's poisonous touch, destroying precious bionetworks that have flourished for millions of years without our interference. They have already wreaked irrecoverable damage with their contemptuous drilling. And they are only growing bigger and bolder, foregoing any restraint and sanction in exchange for the relentless pursuit of the almighty buck. They must be stopped! The future of our planet may very well depend on it.

By nature, Les Guerriers de Mère-Terre are not a violent or destructive assemblage. We believe that every problem has a peaceful solution, and will do all that we can to avoid bloodshed. However, evil forces such as Tagruato often refuse to adhere to diplomacy. When they snap our olive branch over their greedy knee, we must use it to stab them in the heart.

Make no mistake -- Mother Earth is at war. Her adversary is Mankind. It is a vicious foe, ruthless, pitiless, and presided over by fools. That is why She needs us. We will fight at Her side till the day She takes us Elsewhere.

Who Are Les Guerriers de Mère-Terre?

"Mother Earth is strong, but her enemies are many. She cannot defeat them on Her own. She calls upon us, her Warriors."
-Le Bandit Vert

Les Guerriers de Mère-Terre are a collective of like-minded individuals with a long history of environmental activism. We were founded in Paris in 1982 by the notorious conservationist known only as Le Bandit Vert. Traveling the world as young horticulturist, Le Bandit observed the excessive exploitation and pollution of Mother Earth by big business. Le Bandit beseeched the ruling agencies tasked with governing the situation to enforce sanctions and protections, but the argument fell upon deaf ears. Determined to discover just how these companies could operate so unfettered, Le Bandit launched an undercover investigation and revealed a trail of double-dealing, greed, and corruption that led all the way to the top. It was then Le Bandit realized no one else would fight this battle. Mother Earth needed the Warriors.

Les Guerriers have waged dozens of successful campaigns around the globe against some of the world's most disreputable polluters. From protecting mountains in the P.E.A.K. Offensive against Broad Galvanic to defending our river water in the D.R.A.I.N. Movement against GloboChem Labs, we have proven time and time again that Mother Earth is not going to just bend over and take it.

We now turn our attention to Tagruato, a company that has been having its way with our Mother for decades. The T.I.D.O. Wave will cleanse Her of their cruelty.

Join us, and save the world.

We accept donations from individual and charitable foundations. We will not accept funding from corporations or governments.

To MissingTeddyHanssen.
There’s no help coming. Stop your campaign.
There’s nothing here.

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Horns down. If we go quiet, it won’t be permanent. May the great mother protect her servants in their greatest time of need. She guides our hands.

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We’ve been laying low (those hunters are after us) but I’m sure everyone’s seen the latest drool about that putrid drink. Wake up, America’s heartland!! Ganu shouldn’t be allowed to sell anything without FDA approval. This is just another of Tagruato’s many lies. First they murdered their own workers, then they spilled their death-station into […]

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Do NOT return to The Farm. It’s crawling with agents on Tagruato’s payroll.
It’s a set up!!! All of our members know our goals and motivations are preservation of Mother Earth - NOT mass murder!!! Granted, we’re not upset that Tagruato has one fewer “death station”, but we would NEVER kill to accomplish our goals. […]

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As many of you know, we returned from our journey late last night. There are already more rumors going around than I’d like, so I want to set the record a little straighter before all of us go crazy.
Yes, we had the coordinates correct. There’s no possibility that we weren’t in the right spot. But […]

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I don’t know what to say. They told me to post here. I’ve never done this before.
Um…..things are not going as planned. There has been a problem with the “event”. Please contact me if you have any information on Randy or the others. I’m the only one here right now. Backup desperately needed.

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December “Tip for the Field”

Many of you have written in and complained that when you get into a demonstration situation and it goes array, you often find yourself alone in a jail cell for hours or trapped outdoors with inadequate food, clothing, or hygiene options. 
To address this need, I’ve created a “Survival Kit” of essential items to […]

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Flower Donations

Please send all flowers and sympathy cards to Margaret. She’ll pass them on to the appropriate parties.

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Call To Action

The “event” discussed in our last meeting has, unfortunately, had some problems. Therefore, we’ll be staging a repeat “event” for the weekend of the 14th. Please contact Randy on his green mobile for updated information.

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Death of Tagruato Biologist!

Many thanks to our friend in the field who passed the original article on to us. It’s translated below:
Tagruato suffered a large loss yesterday when Kazui Ichigawa, 63, and his family were found dead early in the morning.
His body, along with the bodies of his wife, Rie […]

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